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Saturday, 28-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lake District & York

Driver dvlp schizo cos non stop driving
Me entertaining driver cos dia dah gila!
Or is it she entertaining me?
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Went on a road trip last bank Holiday. Nicky, Percy , myself and ofcourse the sole driver Nabilah, set out on Sat nite at 9 pm and reached the Lake District at about 4am the next day. The Lake District is situated in Cumbria, to the north of England and got its name from the many beautiful and picturesque lakes and mountains. The sun was already up by then. We didn't hike the mountains...takut hilang!!! But check out the cool pics..The view was breathtaking and left us stumped for words..

On the way back, we stopped in York. An old, historical town. I heard that in the old days, York was like the centre of England and that people from the North must pass thru York to get to London....or is it that York was like a London....aiyah...I forgot. Or maybe they were just winding me up, just like someone told me that if I see one magpie, I should salute and spit...(the saluting is real but they laugh when I spit!) !! Anyways, this place has got amazing ghost stories, old building thats untouched, tombstones dating back to the early 19th century with its writing still readable. Cool place!! 2 thumbs up for this trip!!! (Speaking of old buildings in York, there's this narrow old road called the shambles, where the buildings still has its original old look and some with its wooden beams still in place. It's built in such close proximity opposite each other and sooo senget macam boleh collaspe that when people from the opposite house stood on their window, they can actually reach out to shake hands with each other!)

Wednesday, 23-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Praha! I love you!

On the way to Stansted airport on the bus!
The bridge that was made of egg shell
Posing @ Dum umelco
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Prague captured our hearts in so many ways. Ancient and historical architecture sprang from every corner of the streets and the city itself is full of secrets that we have yet to discover....(on our next trip...DEFINITELY!) Spent most of our time in Harrachov. A mountain popular with europeans for their skiing holiday. It's only 3 hours away from Prague and the best part was, there weren't any english there! Hooray! Snow condition was perfect for skiing, about 1 meter deep. We've never seen anything more beautiful. The landscape was breathtaking that I find it impossible to decribe it in writing. You have to come here and see it for yourself. Oh..check out the 2 old ladies trying their hand at snowboarding! It's definitely the coolest thing I've ever done and the rush you get is undescribeable! ...or was the rush coming cos of the instructor!??!!! I'm confuse! Anyways, when I was younger watching all those discovery travel programs and dreaming of them would I have ever imagine that I'll be able to do all the things that I've done today! Nothing is impossible, and you're well worth it so go get those dreams and make them happen. Lifes too short!!!!! BTW- we were stranded in prague airport for 16 hours. Theres a pic that Nabilah took of me in my most awful state. Had to sleep on the floor and put together canteen chairs. Plane finally toook off at 11 am the next day but landed at east midlands - Nottingham. There, we took a 3 hour bus ride to Stansted airport wher Nabilah's BF fetched us. Cool was a memorable experience man!

Tuesday, 18-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Stone henge and Bath?

On M25 AKA-Europe's largest carpark?
The view of the original Roman Bath from above
Nabilah looking at....something to do with the romans I think..
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Adik, these are some old pics that I tot I lost. Taken when Mas came down to London when she was still flying last year. Bath is an old english town which was invaded by the romans and there are still relics and building sites which are still standing. Breath takingly beautiful (or as Mas would put it-the most expensive swimming pool in europe!) Cos there was this old roman building that the romans use for thier communal bath, hence the name. Also, the town was so charming, still built like in the old days, can see houses with chimneys and stacked on the hills! And stonehenge? what can I say? What choice of words can I use to describe this famous, breath taking, historical place?.......Now..would u come.....?

Monday, 17-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nottinghill festival!

Nabilah ambik kesempatan (CRADLE SNATCHER!!!!)
Me-still skinny at that time!
Oooh did I tell you, the food stalls were amazing too!
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Oi, I'm sorry about the pics. As usual, we came late but the party was still going on its just that I think we were so engrossed with everything that we forgot to take pictures.Anyways, its a yearly music festival that showcases indie bands and groups. As the name suggests, its at Nottinghill. We brought Ridwan, Nabilah's cousin (her brother in law's nephew) from Tunisia to the festival. It was an eye opener. Mobiles (van or trucks) parked almost anywhere along the streets of Nottinghill, people dancing and gyrating to raggae, drum and base, disco - all kinds of music you can think of. Then, there was also the druggies, the drunks and all the things that you think london can offer, its was there toolah. Also included are my NIKE winter coat pics. I dun really use it except when we went to Wales (Lost the pics but will try to get it off from some one). It's too big. After giving you my Roxy jacket, I bought a knee lenght black jacket from Next. It looks good on me (will post some pics later) and best part - it only cost me 15 pounds! Bought it during this Jan sale. That's why I'm telling you that you and mama should come down in Jan next year. Lure her with the 5 pounds Marks and Spencer's bra lah...hehe..

Thursday, 23-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nabilah's & MArina's X'mas Dos

L-R: Carol (B.D), Wendy (Production), Ian H. (Prod. mgr)
Simon & Carrie
Aaaah, my x'mas dinner
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Hehe, since my x'mas do was lame, I've included Nabilah's. As usual, I didn't take a lot of picture at the do but still, the experience is unforgetable. Had a real dinner (BTW-that's turkey), pulled some x'mas crackers and ofcourse the english..getting drunk as usual. The place where the dinner itself was held was nice. Called the Chichester, it's a small boutique englishy hotel type of place with a big dinning hall where a few companies held their do too. For afters, they danced, while I called Nabilah to pick me up....told you...lame but unforgetable experience.

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